Texas Tone® Tube Guitar Amps

Built by Hand in Austin, Texas.

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Texas Tone® Amps are built with a vision - to provide guitarists with a vehicle for their personal expression, an amplifier that becomes one with them and their guitar.

Many guitarists have never played through a real tweed Bassman or a Plexi. Those that have know the joy of a dynamic, responsive amp that allows them to play what's in the head, and in their hands. We build for guitarists who want such and amp, along with advances in construction, components, and noise reduction.

Texas Tone Amp are:

2023 Production Models


Texas Tone® 12 Tube Amp with Tremolo

The Hypnotic Slam Effect

12W of pure tube tone and organic tube tremolo.

Our Signature Amp


Texas Tone® Traveler

Texas Tone® Traveler

The ultimate Versatle portable amp

Two discrete channels, clean to dirty at any volume.

34 pounds, 40 Watts


Texas Tone® Ranger

Texas Tone® Ranger

Channel Switching

Two distinct channels, Vintage low gain and modern High Gain.

25W Cathode Biased Flexibility!


Texas Tone® 30

Texas Tone® 30

35W 12" Combo

Power For Any Style

Loud, portable, and versitile


Texas Tone® 50

Texas Tone® 50

Power, Tone, Volume

Two 12" Speakers, 50 Watts, Endless Tone.

Lead and Vintage Channels


Texas Tone® 30V

Texas Tone® 15V

12" Vintage Combo

12" 15 Watts, Vintage Jangle

British Invasion Special


2023 Special Order Amplifiers


Texas Tone® PS-150

1 Watt JCM800 Head

1Watt, foot-switchable rocker!

800 Tone at lower volumes



Texas Tone® Lancaster

25W JCM800 12" Combo

32 pounds of rock power!

Loud, portable, and flexible


Speaker Cab


12" Speaker Cab

12" speaker cab with open / closed back options

JensenĀ® C12N - Standard Twin Speaker


TexasTone Heartbreak Deluxe

Texas Tone® Heartbreak Deluxe

The "Stranglehold tone" Deluxe

22W 12" combo with extra power amp drive, reverb, and Texas Tone tremolo

Dynamic, touch-sensitive reverb!


TexasTone Model C

Texas Tone® XTM45 Reverb

Extreme Performance Blackface Super Head

Fender® front end with Marshall® Power with Texas Tone tremolo

Blackface tone to keep up with your 50W lead amp.




Small, portable rocker.

8 pounds, 8 Watts!

Feature Packed


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